Saturday, June 4, 2016

All-Star Come Back

It's definitely been awhile but we thought we'd try to bring back the fun with a weekly prompt for entries.  We welcome everyone to come back and participate and any new comers are welcome too. Any skill level, any medium we just ask that it be on topic. This week we're doing the All-Star Squadron, so choose any member of the All-Star Squadron and share your work.
The All-Star Squadron first appeared in 1981 in Justice League of America #193.  It was created by Jerry Ordway, Roy Thomas and Rich Buckler.
The DC Comics Encyclopedia lists these characters as the members of the All-Star Squadron

  1. The Atom
  2. Amazing Man
  3. Johnny Thunder
  4. Dr. Fate
  5. Green Lantern
  6. Plastic Man
  7. Robotman
  8. Liberty Belle
  9. Firebrand
  10. Steel
  11. Guardian
  12. Hourman
  13. Tarantula
  14. Hawkgirl
  15. Hawkman
  16. Shining Knight
Posting period is June 4 -11.  Have fun! 

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