Friday, September 27, 2013


Kind of a generic western scene, just trying to get caught up. Charcoal on newsprint and crappy camera phone.

Teen Titans Wonder Girl

Old school Wonder Girl. Charcoal and chalk on newsprint.

Peanuts Lucy

Lucy at her finest. Charcoal/chalk on newsprint.

Dragon's Lair

Charcoal/chalk on newsprint. I don't remember much about Dragon's Lair other than I was horrible at the video game and in the cartoon he always made the goofiest faces.


Sinestro in charcoal. Sorry for the crappy photo, charcoal doesn't mix well with a scanner so this is via my camera on my phone.

Sunday, September 1, 2013


Sorta Double dipped on this due to lack of time for the July theme's so here goes "M" is for Mephisto who happens to be magical and for the triple dip though not necessarily showcased here he has a heck of a cape.

And you can check out some of my other not always comic work along with other interesting tidbits from both myself and my wife at Off the Wall Design