Sunday, March 10, 2013

DCnU Black Canary by Eryck Webb

DCnU Black Canary by Eryck Webb
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In getting in on this theme this week I finaly got the chance to explore the New 52 redesigns DC has been doing, while a lot seem to tack on a lot of unnecessary stuff that make drawing the characters a headache for the artists, I think a good handful of them are pretty good improvements/ nice designs. I like how this design for Black Canary seems like they gave her arm enhancements to make her a more powerful hand-to-hand fighter, as she relies on that most of the time when not using her sonic scream or what not. This is pretty cool. It actualy gives me ideas on other thingies o' mine but anywho! There she blows. Experimented with a few diff techniques on this one. Pretty happy with it. Video of this piece start to fin is on Livestream -

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