Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Dragon & the Turtle

Unlike many other guys , my favourite Image creator , was Erik Larsen perhaps is not gifted like , say, Jim Lee or Marc Silvestri , but his book were the most fun .
The SAVAGE DRAGON / TMNT  one-shot team up was one of my favourite Image books , and this week's theme gave me the chance to draw my first ever SD ; I tried  to give him a "tough cop" rather than a superhero look  , so he's tall like a normal person I didn't want to draw a copy of "THE HULK" with a fin on his bald head ...
WHat do you think ?


  1. I got those comics too! Drawn by Michael Dooney none the less! Good stuff! I think you got them both spot on

  2. Yeah ; Michael Dooney ! I couldn't remember the name ...
    The TMNT series that Image put out was good too , not to mention the mi drawn by Bisley !
    THanks for your comment !